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About Us

Lake Helen, FL home by Vintage Custom Homes under construction.

How We Build

Vintage Custom Homes specializes in ICF construction: Insulated Concrete Forms. Building custom homes with ICF construction holds many benefits over traditional wood frame and concrete blocks structures. Vintage Custom Homes Owner Tad A. Olmsted's belief in the durability and energy efficiency is so strong he built his own home in Florida using ICF construction.

Benefits of building custom homes with ICF:

· Super strength and durability to withstand hurricane and tornado force winds and associated debris.

· High energy efficiency dramatically reduces energy costs--and your energy bill.

· Fire resistant.

· Amazing soundproofing.

· Lower insurance premiums

Tad Olmstead, Owner, Vintage Custom Homes luxury energy efficient homes

Who We Are


Vintage Custom Homes is owned by Tad A. Olmsted, a 3rd generation builder from the Midwest. 

At the end of his military service  he moved to Florida and began building homes. Vintage Custom Homes quickly became an ELITE Builder for Fox Blocks, having built over 30 ICF homes in Central Florida. Tad has extensive knowledge and experience using ICF materials in the construction of homes and businesses. He 100% believes this is the best, most efficient way to build luxury energy efficient homes.

In 2015, Tad moved to the Volusia County, Florida  area and began building luxury energy efficient homes using ICF construction. The first of his vintage designed custom homes is located in the historic section of Lake Helen, where he continues to build energy efficient custom homes. He has future plans to start construction on commercial buildings in Lake Helen as well. 

Vintage Custom Homes is Volusia County's premier builder of ICF custom homes.

Florida State certified builder #CRC1328456

Elite Premier Fox Block installer with over 30 homes in Florida. ID #3850

What Are Fox Blocks?

Vintage Custom Homes is an ELITE Builder for Fox Blocks, a division of Airlite Plastics Company. 

Tad A. Olmsted has built over 30 homes in the Central Florida area using ICF construction and Fox Blocks, which has given Vintage Custom Home its ELITE Builder status and expert-level knowledge for building energy efficient homes.

Fox Blocks are a green, sustainable construction solution with strength, durability and comfort. Foam stay-in-place form blocks are arranged in a custom format based on your home's design. Once in place, the foam forms are then filled with concrete. This combination creates a unique blend of insulation and durability in your custom designed home.

Building with environmentally-friendly and sustainable Fox Blocks, Vintage Custom Homes creates a housing structure the lowers energy costs that resists storm, wind and fire damage and mold, dust and allergens, creating a strong, safe and comfortable home for you and your family.

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